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About me

My name is Ørjan, 35 years old, living in Hamar, Norway

My interests

I enjoy cars, playstation, hockey, computer, hanging out with friends, enjoying life, having fun and learning new stuff!

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GTA V Roleplay Character
Jacop Frich
- MC President

Jacop is a badass guy who likes motorcycles. He also enjoy smoking weed, and take cocaine. He enjoys cars too. Classy ,fast and good sound is important in his choice. He prefer Audi RS7 or cars like that. His favorite bike is the Cliffhanger. Do you want to mess with Jacop? I suggest to not.

GTA V Roleplay Character
Julius Aphekhatt
- News Reporter

Julius is a kind «poor» happy Indian that benefits from his kindness. He is also known for his mathemathical skills and are always thrilled for an adventure, though he is easily scared.

GTA V Roleplay Character
Alf Nilsen
- Police officer

Alf is well respected in the city, his job is his lifestyle and hard work pays off!
He is also Assistant Director and part of the Law Inforcements A-31 and DELTA group

Alf is on vacation and will be gone a little while.


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