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About me

My name is Ørjan, 37 years old, living in Stange, near Hamar, Norway

My interests

I enjoy cars, playstation, hockey, computer, hanging out with friends, enjoying life, having fun and learning new stuff!

Business inquiries

For business inquiries use my contact form and I will respond as soon as possible.

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Here I will place upcoming events that I will participate in.


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GTA V Roleplay Character
Jacop Frich
- MC President

Jacop is the Predisent of Restless Vikings!
He love his Motorcycle and love fast cars! Restless Vikings has been a thing for 3 years! His biker gangs is everything for him. And his best buddy Svein Anker and Arne Monsen.

The do alot of stupid and fun things!

GTA V Roleplay Character
Julius Aphekhatt
- Doctor

Julius is a kind «poor» happy Indian that benefits from his kindness. He is also known for his mathemathical skills and are always thrilled for an adventure, though he is easily scared.

GTA V Roleplay Character
Alf Nilsen
- Police officer

Alf is on vacation and will be gone a little while.
Tired of Police RP, so taking a break!

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